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Want Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Programs? Use Traffic Exchange Companies

If you ever need completely free traffic to your web site or an affiliate program, always remember that there are hundreds of traffic exchange companies (also called hit or click exchanges) where you can receive free hits to your site.

Here's a short explanation about how they work: You create an account with a click exchange program and visit other member web sites. In exchange other members visit your web site or an affiliate program that you want to market.

So, although the traffic exchange hits are free, it takes time to earn credits visiting other sites. Then you can assign the credits to your links that you want to promote, so other members could visit your website.

Here is a list of the best hit exchange programs on the Internet:

Note that although the traffic from hit exchange companies is free, it is not always of high quality.

You see, most members using click exchanges are looking only for a free stuff and don't want to spend any money online. The traffic also cannot be targeted by country.

So, it is well worth marketing rewards affiliate programs through the click exchange sites, since their members are looking for a free stuff, great deals and money opportunities. And this is exactly what rewards programs offer!

Remember that you should always track your affiliate revenue results (ROI). It doesn't matter what affiliate marketing method you are using, if you cannot make any profit - change either affiliate programs or internet marketing methods.

So, although you should try traffic exchange programs, the results may be quite poor. Try to do some changes, but if it doesn't work - you better drop them and select any of other affiliate marketing methods available.

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