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Worldwide Launch of a Great New Guide to Online Rewards Programs

Thanks to a newly launched website that offers helpful reviews of different online rewards programs, Web surfers and shoppers are now able to connect with great cash-back offers, free stuff, special offers, free and introductory trial offers and much, much more

November 17, 2004 -- Just in time for holiday shoppers (both the last-minute and the over-spending kind) a new reward programs website is launching worldwide. is now up and running, offering visitors all across the Web access to great freebies, special offers, cash-back shopping opportunities and so much more. Fully loaded with proven, reliable sources and resources, 1st-in-Rewards is a must have for all savvy, frugal Internet shoppers.

The site is a virtual smorgasbord of opportunities. The website's homepage houses a long list of valuable content aimed at helping you find:

  • Which online reward programs work best for you;
  • Where you can find the top online deals, offers, discounts, bargains and rebates; and
  • Clear, simple directions on how to go about getting them.

Easy to navigate, 1st-in-Rewards saves visitors the hassle of broken links, slow loading graphics, flashy presentations and site-cramping annoying ads and offers. All you'll find here is what you came for: great online rewards programs, free to join and benefit rich.

When asked why he felt the need to create 1st-in-Rewards, the owner and creator Gerardas Norkus simply said his reward programs website was created "in order to help people looking for greats offers and deals on the internet to earn free cash or free merchandise." Every offer and company has been carefully scrutinized to make sure that his visitors will have 100% satisfaction. Because of this, he hopes to see "lots of traffic and ... visitors happily accepting great offers and receiving free things in return." Let's not disappoint him.

As a special "Ribbon Cutting" offer, 1st-in-Rewards is offering a special promotion. For a limited time, every 50th subscriber to their monthly e-zine, "Reward Yourself" will win a free $15.00 check for Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn and save. Add to your Favorites today!

Gerardas' helpful, money-saving articles have been showcased on over 15 websites across the Net. The overwhelming response prompted him to design 1st-in-Rewards, offering his visitors incentive rich opportunities, and the opportunity to creatively save and earn money.

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