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By: Mary Gulick
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Leather Credit Card Holders

A high-quality credit card holder is a fantastic way to express your style. It's the kind of accessory that exudes class and good taste, while giving you a more refined, polished image.

Leather credit card holders come in a variety of colors and price ranges. Let's take a look at a few of the top picks:

High-end – If you're looking for a palace to house your credit cards, check out some of the leather credit card holders from Italian designers like Tavecchi or Fontenelli. Italy is world-renowned for its fine leathers, so expect these leather holders to have a heftier price tag – up to $120.

Mid-range – If you're looking for a leather credit card holder for under $50 that still has a refined look, try Danner or Robe di Firenze. You'll get the polish you're looking for without the price to weigh it down.

The Most Important Thing About Your Leather Credit Card Holder:

What's inside.

If you're like most people, you've got some credit cards with interest rates higher than you'd like. Now, it's easier than ever to get a low-interest credit card and enjoy some extra credit card rewards, too.

How Can You Get the Rewards?

It's simple... just sign up with an online incentives program and visit their offers page. Start looking for the credit card that best suits your needs. You'll find many with excellent rates, no annual fee, and no balance transfer charges... so you can stop paying high interest on your balances.

Here's the good part: You can take advantage of these credit card offers from some of the nation's top banks... and they'll give you rewards. Imagine free cash, travel rewards and special cash back bonuses. They're yours for the taking if you're looking for a credit card.

Why would credit card companies do this? Because the big companies are in tight competition with one another. Each is trying to build a bigger and better customer portfolio, and every customer counts. So, to try to get you on board, they're willing to offer attractive rates and enticing credit card rewards.

Lesson: Don't Accept a Credit Card Without Getting Something

If you can get free cash and credit card rewards, why would you settle for less? Visit the Credit Card Rewards and Incentives page to find the right offer for you. Then, go ahead and find a leather credit card holder for your new credit card!

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