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By: Mary Gulick
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The Dangers of Affiliate Pharmacy Programs. And How to Avoid Them and Still Reap the Benefits

For those who are interested in finding a secondary cash source for their Web sites, affiliate pharmacy programs may sound like a good idea.

After all, they pay cash for referrals from your Web site, right?

But that's not all they do. The sketchy and questionable marketing tactics of many pharmacy affiliate programs can ruin your reputation with your clients. Think about it: when your users link to your affiliate site that has poor security and lax privacy policies, it reflects poorly on you... and that could cost you clients and dollars.

You Can Still Get the Benefits of Affiliate Pharmacy Programs Without the Hassles...

Just use rewards affiliate programs instead!

With a far more savory reputation than affiliate pharmacy programs, rewards affiliate programs can offer you the same level of incentives (if not better).

With incentives affiliate programs, you put the URL of a rewards service on your site. Your clients link to the site, and earn rewards by taking surveys, reading e-mails, accepting offers and more. Wouldn't you rather offer your users free money from your affiliate programs than spam and sleazy drug offers?

Here's How It Works:

  1. Check out some of rewards affiliate business opportunity programs and see which ones best fit your needs.
  2. Sign up with an incentives affiliate program. It's usually free and you'll often earn a sign-in bonus.
  3. Just paste the referral URL (link) on your Web site and you're ready to go.
  4. Each referral that joins your affiliate's program will earn you a bonus.

You'll get the same cash-flow benefits that you would with an affiliate pharmacy program, without the risk of alienating users. Take a look at our Affiliate Rewards page today and start earning more money for your Web site.

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