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Thinking of Joining One of Those Affiliate Dating Programs? Read This Before You Do...

Perhaps you're one of those people who've known about the joys of affiliate programs (also known as associate programs). Maybe you've also heard of the success some have had promoting affiliate dating programs? Well, before you go and sign up with them, you should at least check out the online rewards programs that we have to offer.

Not only will you still be able to promote an online dating service, you'll also be able to promote hundreds of other programs that will attract a broader target market, all the while earning you cash. Here are some of the areas you could be promoting right now:

  • Books – travel and discount guides, books and magazines.
  • Entertainment – music, movies, dating services, satellite systems, and games.
  • Financial – debt management, credit card offers and more.
  • Cash Back Shopping for stuff like clothing, art, books, flowers, pet supplies outlet items and much, much more!

In addition to offering more than simply one program for you to promote, there are other great reasons to join rewards affiliate programs for cash back shopping and completing special offers for cash and free stuff – and all of those reasons can be taken to the bank. Instead of having only affiliate dating programs to rely on, you'll have an affiliate program where:

  • You can earn up to $10 for each new member you refer.
  • You earn commission not only when you promote their affiliate program, but also when YOU read paid emails, complete great offers, shop and more!
  • "Reward Programs" fit into nearly any website or list category.
  • A high conversion rate is virtually guaranteed if the reward program's affiliate links are marketed by pre-selling your visitors (which, if you remember, is done by offering useful, unique content.)
  • Some rewards programs offer a 2 tier affiliate program that earns you money not only from people who sign up under you, but also from those who sign up with those you have referred to the program.

Now, armed with more than simply affiliate dating programs, you'll have an arsenal of affiliate reward programs and offers to help your website earn you extra money. So don't just sit here, start signing up, and don't forget to tell your friends, too!

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Jennifer Gibbs is a successful web site contributor who lives in south Georgia with her husband and son.
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